Monday, April 23, 2012

World Book Night - Tonight

I'm getting things ready for the event at Guildford Library, for World Book Night.  I have a number of books which I believe a central bookselling person will be in charge of - also lots of fliers, a scrapbook and some sample book covers.  That's the easy bit.  Except transporting them, of course.  I shall take along my grandma type trolley and hope I don't have to park too far away, particularly if the weather is like it is at the moment.  I can just imagine the inelegant drowned rat arriving in the 'Green Room' at the library.  My hair, not only personally hacked about by me, in a wild fit, yesterday, but also transformed into straggles by the rain will not add anything in terms of my celebrity status.  I also have to decide what to wear.  Is the library going to be warm or cold?  That is the question.  Trousers or heels.

At any rate, I'm sure it's all going to be good fun with lots of other authors, including my two fellow authors from Goldenford Publishers Ltd.  My ebooks have been selling well in the last couple of weeks, so let's help the paper versions can match that.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, we have been having decorating done, and it's all looking good, though I will be glad to get back to normality.  The ProdigalD and family were with us last weekend, and it was good to see them all and the Son&H will be coming soon.  The garden has been lovely.  My ambition of having flowers in the garden for as long as possible has been successful so far.  We had all the spring bulbs in turn - crocuses, snowdrops, daffs, hyacinths & grape hyacinths and now bluebells;  we've had mahonia with bright yellow blossom for quite a long time and pieris.  Forget-me-nots have appeared all over the garden, and the cranesbill will be out soon, I think.  Of course, our apple tree is also in bud, and, we hope, not destroyed by frost. 

I'll add my latest book review, soon.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

World Book Night

I'm getting quite excited about the event that my Goldenford pals and I are involved in next Monday. It's on World Book Night and it's taking place at Guildford Library, run by Surrey County Council. About thirty Surrey authors are taking part and we'll be at the library from 7.30 till midnight, talking about our books, which will be on sale. There will also be quizzes and prizes for the winners. Lots of free books which the authors have contributed.

I hope I'll see some friends there.